Ms. Slay-Carr's areas of experience include: Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet law, Business and Corporate law (small business startups, planning, and ongoing business counsel), and Entertainment law (music, publishing, film, television, visual arts, photography).

Literature New Release

Music Copyright Law, by David J. Moser & Cheryl L. Slay

Gain an in-depth understanding of a topic vital to the success of anyone in the music industry with Music Copyright Law. From songwriters and performers to managers, producers, and agents, everyone is affected by the issues covered in this book. Avoiding the technical jargon and lawyer-speak that bogs down other books on the subject, the book explores the world of copyright law and hones in on how it applies to music. It begins by building a foundational knowledge of the fundamentals of copyright law, what it protects, the benefits of registering a copyright, and what to do when copyright has been infringed. Once the fundamentals are established, coverage expands to controversies involving copyright and music in the digital age. Packed with practical examples that bring complex concepts to life, this book is a must-have for any professional in or entering the music business.

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Copyrights and Trademarks

The protection of technical and creative products is of paramount importance in today's marketplace. If you create or develop technological or artistic products, whether music or software, you may have creative property that is worth safeguarding, as you would other property.

Internet and Digital Rights

New technology and the management of electronic information, particularly on the Internet, creates unique legal issues. If you create electronic products (e.g., electronic games, books, music), maintain a Web site or presence on the Internet, conduct an Internet-based business, or are involved in a dispute over an Internet issue, you may have special legal needs or rights.

Publishing, Video/Film, Music, & Fine Art

The arts and entertainment industries are highly competitive and often exciting professional arenas. Yet to operate most effectively in these spheres requires not only talent, creativity, and commitment, but also attention to business details -- particularly legal matters. Ms. Slay-Carr brings a unique perspective to entertainment law, as a performing artist. In addition to her legal expertise, she is a skilled vocalist with 20 years of performance experience.

Business and Corporate Law

You have invested a lot to ensure your business success. Sound legal counsel is also an investment. From selecting the type of business entity to operate (for example, forming as a corporation vs. as a limited liability company) to receiving counsel prior to and during important business transactions, you need help finding solutions and planning for the future.

Submission of Creative Materials

Ms. Slay-Carr does not accept unsolicited music, audio or video recordings, manuscripts, or other creative materials or products. Ms. Slay-Carr does not accept responsibility for any unsolicited materials, and can not guarantee the return of originals of materials submitted. Therefore you are advised to contact Ms. Slay-Carr by telephone to clear submission, or to schedule an initial consultation for counsel concerning creative property.

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